congress digital currency

congress digital currency

Facebook Libra also plans to launch more stable currencies to anchor a basket of assets, but the projects have not yet been approvecongress digital currencyd by regulators since they were announced.

According to kazinform, the head of Kazakhstan's Anti-Corruption Bureau, alik shpekbayev, proposed to create a national digital currency at a meeting of the anti-corruption drama board. It pointed out that national digital currency can reduce cash transactions and prevent corruption to a certain extent, and cash is one of the main tools used in illegal activities such as bribery. In addition, the national digital currency can also make the budget capital flow completely transparent in the process of public procurement, and can also reduce transaction costs. Lianwen previously reported that in May 2020,

She also cited successful attempts in the United States to prevent the use of cryptocurrency in crime only through a legal framework, and suggested that US regulators should use existing financial acongress digital currencynd digital cash regulations to apply them to cryptocurrency.

According to Reuters, BoJ deputy governor Masai Miyai believes that the central bank's digital currency (CBDC) will not be widely supported and that the cancellation of cash will make it inconvenient to resettle public infrastructure, so no central bank will do so, according to Reuters. He added that if there are still negative interest rates on digital currency, people will still choose cash to reduce spending, thus limiting the adoption rate of digital currency by the central bank.

Yang haipocongress digital currency, founder of coinex, a digital currency exchange, said that Copernicus and wormhole teams, the original core development team of BCH, would jointly develop the co-ex chain with the coinex team. Yang haipo said that in the future, CET public chain will realize decentralized exchange in the main chain, while the side chain will meet the demand of smart contract and cross chain. As previously reported by Lianwen, the CET public chain developed by coinex plans to release the test network in the third quarter, and to launch the main network in the fourth quarter. The public chain will adopt the POS consensus mechanism, realize the transaction speed of tens of thousands of transactions per second, and built-in coin issuing module, so that users can release various tokens including stable coins and create transaction pairs of the token without permission.