Digital currency software

Digital currency software

President Xi Jinping published an important article on "some important issues in the medium and long term economic and social development Digital currency softwarestrategy" in "seeking truth". Xi Jinping said,

The French central bank has released a collection of application cases of the central bank's digital currency (CBDC) experiment to further explore the potential of CBDC. The solicitation application is due to be submitted on May 15, the interview of qualified applications will be started in June, and the selected applications will be publicly selected on July 10. The purpose of this experiment is to explore the potential of this technology and to identify specific cases of CBDC integration into the process of clearing and settling token financial assets. These experimental results will have reference significance for Europe on the potential implementation of CBDC. The French central bank believes that any decision to create a CBDC is a matter under the EU system.

Bitcontinental, a cryptocurrency mineDigital currency softwarer, will sell s9se and S9K on its official website at 2 p.m. and are expected to ship from July 21 to 31.

According to Forbes, cuy Sheffield, senior director and head of encryption program at visa, a payment giant, said,

Bitpie, a digital asset wallet, said on Weibo that at present Taobao has added a second level category of blockchain technology products, which can be sold on the shelves of bandwidth sharing devices and digital currency hardware wallets, which means that the mainDigital currency softwarestream digital cryptocurrency hardware wallets can be sold in Taobao system, and the bandwidth sharing devices refer to traffic sharing devices such as the Joker cloud. According to the official description of Taobao sellers, blockchain technology products are now an outlet, and many physical goods and virtual software services have been derived. Taobao industry first built the physical category.

Dforcedforcedforce, a decentralized finance and currency protocol platform based on blockchain, provides the underlying infrastructure for defi and open financial applications. At present, the USDX agreement, the world's first index stable dollar agreement, has been launched, and will gradually integrate the decentralized exchange, money market, loan market and other agreements to create a highly scalable development financial ecology. Dforce adopts a two-tier token model, in which USDX is the stable currency, and the DFT platform currency is used for transaction services, insurance funds, community governance, incentive mechanism, node deposit, etc. at the same time, it also provides additional insurance mechanisms for the ecosystem. For example, in case of extreme systemic risks, the USDX holders will be compensated by issuing additional platform coins. USDX is an erc-20 stable coin based on Ethereum, which is automatically produced by a basket of high-quality stable dollar coins through smart contract decentralization. Users can exchange the component stable coins into USDX (1usdx = 0.3usdc + 0.3tusd + 0.3pax + 0.1dai) according to the weight through the coinage agreement, and can also destroy the USDX and take back a basket of component stable coins. The process of coinage and destruction is all implemented on the chain, which ensures the operation to be highly transparent, tamper proof and auditable. In the future, the category and weight of component currencies will be changed through community voting governance. Dforceddforcedforce view more announced the completion of the first round of strategic financing, and plans to launch a composite index stable currency project USDX which can generate interest on the chain. Dforce disclosed to Lianwen that the investor of its first round of strategic financing was a world leading commercial bank, but declined to disclose the name and details of the investor. Dforce said that with the completion of the strategic investment, the synthetic index stable currency USDX based on Ethereum will be officially released on August 8,