why so many digital currency out there?

why so many digital currency out there?

According to Russian media reports, at least 10 investors in the telecom blockchain project ton plan to withdrawhy so many digital currency out there?w their investment in the project and get back their investment funds. 'I now see at least 10 of all investors,' said Yakov barinsky, head of hashcib, a Russian investment agency,

Cashaa, an encryption friendly banking service platform, announced the establishment of unicas, an encryption friendly joint venture with the United multistate credit cooperative society of India, which will start operation in December 2020. Unicas is a digital currency friendly entity. Unicas will enable people to access traditional banking services and encrypted banking services online and through 22 physical branches in northern India, including: 1. Opening savings accounts with encrypted wallets; 2. Cryptocurrency, gold and real estate loans; 3. Cryptocurrency, bond investment services. Cashaa said it plans to expand its physical branches, which users can access encryption products, to 100 next year. Lianwen previously reported that cashaa had stolen about 336 bitcoins in July this year. In September, cashaa announced that it had obtained a $5 million investment from o1ex, a Dubai blockchain investment consulting firm. Cashaa said it would use part of the funds to make up for the losses caused by hacker attacks in July 2020.

During the roadshow of the Chengdu summit of the World Digital Mining Conference, Shi Jin, partner of mix Financial Technology Co., Ltd., said that mix has always focused on the combination of why so many digital currency out there?blockchain technology and financial services, and used technology to meet the needs of the financial field. The mix open platform not only supports US dollar, but also integrates stable currency, BTC and other digital currencies. At the same time, it has opened up a variety of payment methods, covering more than 200 countries and regions in the world. Mix global payment card truly realizes the compliance, safety and convenience of cross-border multi-channel integrated payment, while enjoying extremely low service rate. In order to promote the development of digital economy, the mix open platform has a convenient API, only a few lines of code can access the mixpay financial payment system. Mixpay is a multi-functional digital financial payment tool integrating cross-border payment, integrated payment and digital wallet. At the same time, it opens the interface service of mix global payment card, so that a series of processes such as card opening, account opening, recharge, query and KYC can be completed online. Mix financial technology company will launch the open banking platform by the end of this year, so that any company and institution can realize banking business through the mix open platform. Note:

Jiang Changhao, co-founder of Cobo and a former senior research scientist at Facebook, said that the launch of Facebook stable currency Libra has a positive impact on the industry, enabling more people to contact the blockchain industry and its products, and the government will have a more positive understanding of the industry. Jiang Changhao believes that the public chain launched by Facebook may overlap with other public chains,

At a meeting of the House Financial Services Committee's financial technology working group on Thursday, U.S. representative Tom emmer said the Federal Reserve should be more open to its research and developmwhy so many digital currency out there?ent of central bank digital currency (CBDC),