the digital currency market does not even reach 1 % yet of the global currency market

the digital currency market does not even reach 1 % yet of the global currency market

In addition, a fine of 1 million yuan was imposed. At the same time, Li and Tang were sentenced to five-year probation and one-year suspended imprisonment for concealing and concealing the crime and harboring, respectively, and were fined 100000 yuan. More than 425.69 million yuan of stolen money, fruits and illegal gains were confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. Lianwen previously reported that in mid May, wotoken pyramid selling case was heard in the people's Court of Binhai County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. At the end of August, Binhai County People's court disclosed the criminal judgment of the extraordinarily large network pyramid selling case. After the judgment of the first instance was pronounced, Gao Yudong, Li Qibing, Wang Xiaoying and Tian Zhaobo refused to accept and appealed. According to the appraisal center, during the period from July 2018 to October 8, 2019, the wotoken platform has 715249 registered members with 501 levels of hierarchical relationship; during this period, it has absorbed more than 286 million digital currencies, 46000 bitcoins, 2039000 Ethereum digital currencies, 292000 Laite coins, 56000 bitcoin and EOS 684100 digital currencies. According to the price of digital currency on the day of tthe digital currency market does not even reach 1 % yet of the global currency markethe crime, the total value of the above cryptocurrency was more than 7.769 billion yuan.

In an exclusive interview with Lianwen, bituniverseceo, a cryptocurrency management and trading terminal, said that in the next one to three years, technical analysis represented by quantitative transactions will be the trend of digital currency investment. Traditional financial investment is mainly divided into two schools: value investment and quantitative trading. Stocks and bonds rely on real enterprises, which can solve the real needs of users and have a clear business model. However, the speculative attribute of digital assets is much higher than that of traditional financial industry. At present, blockchain is still in its early stage, with limited application scenarios and lack of value anchoring. Therefore, Chen Yong believes that value investment is difficult to be implemented. At present, 99.9% of the token in the market has no actual investment value. In the blockchain industry, the main method of investment is technical analysis, constantly improving trading skills to earn BTC or fiat money. The ultimate purpose of earning BTC is also because we believe that BTC has room for growth compared with French currency. In the early stage, bituniverse has obtained investment of 10 million US dollars from Gaorong capital, Shunwei capital and Zhenge fund.

Dbsdigital exchange will provide exchange services, spot trading services and custody services between four French currencies (SGD, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen) and the digital currency market does not even reach 1 % yet of the global currency marketfour most mature digital assets (BTC, ETH, BCH and XRP).

The digital asset trading platform of coin and coin blockchain leads the innovation mode of currency transaction, provides users with more secure and convenient digital currency exchange service, and aggregates global high-quality digital currency,

KB National Bank of Korea announced that it will enter the digital asset mathe digital currency market does not even reach 1 % yet of the global currency marketrket through strategic investment in Koda. Koda is a digital asset management company co founded by KB National Bank, haechilabs and hashed, a blockchain venture capital company. The representative of KB National Bank said that the investment in Koda is taking into account that the scope of digital assets is expanding, including virtual assets, game items, digital sports shoes, artworks, real estate certificates and central bank digital currency. In the long run, the demand for safe storage, trading and investment of these assets will be very strong. Chain note, KB National Bank of Korea is one of the largest commercial banks in South Korea.

President Xi Jinping published an important article on "some important issues in the medium and long term economic and social development strategy" in "seeking truth". Xi Jinping said,